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                  Chinese small appliances fair grand opening Love and confort

                  2016-03-31 14:06

                       Today to August 19, the economic and information bureau, huangpu town of zhongshan city people's government and hc360 hosted by the China small appliances fair and small home appliance accessories procurement will be held in zhongshan huangpu convention and exhibition center. The exhibition is divided into five pavilion, exhibition area of 35000 square meters, more than 600 companies, purchasing volume is expected to more than 1 billion. Exhibition products such as ice washed, hutch appliance, daily small home appliance, home appliance parts four major categories, nearly a seed categories of electrical appliances product.

                  Exhibition at the scene of unusually hot, exhibitors, the exhibition side qi qi, make the scene unusually hot, noisy, here is to show the scene.

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